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    Each one of our high-caliber Sociology tutors is handpicked through a rigorous interview process that guarantees every tutor is brilliant, personable, and can custom tailor their teaching approach to best fit the learning style of every student. It is no coincidence that our Sociology tutors have flourished at the top 1% of their academic careers from the most prestigious universities across the nation. At Tutor Me LA, we understand that having proper guidance and support is equally important to gaining the insight needed in order to prosper.

    Our tutoring sessions are scheduled in the luxury of your own home and are carefully calculated to facilitate optimal learning. An educational instructor works with you around the clock to create a personalized curriculum and match you with an expert tutor that can best enable your academic goals.

    Sociology Tutoring

    Sociology is the study of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. The in-depth reading and required essay prompts can be challenging for many students. If a student is having a harder time learning the topics of basic concepts, social policy, and human social behavior, we can make it easy to fully grasp the concepts and not just commit them to your short-term memory. Luckily, our Sociology specialists follow evidence-based teaching approaches to target where students are disengaged in order to facilitate a solid learning foundation. Our tutors do not solely offer tricks for quick grade boosting, rather we equip our students with the necessary tools to master Sociology and excel academically. The Common Core concepts below present a guideline to inspire Tutor Me LA tutors to teach Sociology as an investigative process instead of a memorization goal. Tutor Me LA will be there with you along the way to ensure that you conquer your Sociology course.

    Tutor Me LA Sociology specialists implement evidence-based teaching methods following an array of the Common Core concepts: Basic Sociology Concepts, History and Approaches, Research Methods, Social Change, Community, Alienation, Social Structures, Social Interactions, Interactions, Data and Mapping, Sociological Theories and many more!

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    “I love my Sociology tutor and could not have done it without her.”

    Keera L.

    Beverly Hills, CA


    Keera L.

    Beverly Hills, CA

    “I love my Sociology tutor and could not have done it without her.”
    “I never thought I could learn Sociology so well and it’s all thanks to Tutor Me LA."

    Grace C.

    Westwood Village, CA


    Grace C.

    Westwood Village, CA

    “I never thought I could learn Sociology so well and it’s all thanks to Tutor Me LA.”

    Get to know our Sociology tutors


    Maria C.

    Maria currently attends UCLA and specializes in every Math all the way up to Calculus. Additionally she has years of tutoring experience as a Science/AP History Expert. She has a fun and warm personality that students are immediately engaged with.

    Hanna T.

    Hanna is a recent graduate from UCLA with a degree in Psychobiology and a minor in Science Education. She has been tutoring students in various subjects for close to 6 years now and has a passion for education. Her future aspirations include becoming an epidemiologist, successfully hiking half dome, and owning at least 3 cats.

    Cecily M.

    Cecily is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley where she studied Classics. She just completed a seven-week tour of Italy and I she is more excited than ever to share with new students the power of Latin! In addition to language tutoring, she is also available for assisting in the process of writing and editing papers and applications.

    Adam H.

    Adam has specialized in both the ACT and SAT test-preparation for the last 7 years. He is a recent graduate from Stanford and has scored in the top 98th percentile for both exams. Adam’s extensive experience with standardized exams has perfected his teaching methods and makes him a test-prep expert. He is passionate about tutoring and determined to watch his students succeed.

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